Strange Cookies

Makes 1 dozen

We started making these cookies long before the sweet/salty goody phase.  We have to admit the first time that we made them we were a little afraid of them.  But trust us, they are addicting.  Do not make these if you are the only one home, you will eat them all.   With thanks to Judy Burch for her patience in teaching us this recipe and making us eat them the first time.

You will need:


A cookie sheet

A mixing bowl

Potato masher (trust us)

Two teaspoons or a cookie scoop

A mixing spoon


¼ lb butter

¼ cup sugar

¼ tsp Almond extract

¼ teaspoon Vanilla*

1 cup sifted flour

1/3 cup crushed plain potato chips

Powdered sugar


-preheat your oven to 350°

-Cream together the butter and sugar.  This is where your potato masher comes in.  You can use the back of a flatter spoon or a fork, but a masher will work the butter in faster.  Once it has started to cream switch to a fork to finish creaming. (You can also do this step in a mixer if you have one)

-Add the flour a, almond extract, and vanilla to the creamed mixture, blend well.

-add in your crushed potato chips. Mix in by hand to evenly distribute.

-Drop by teaspoonful onto your ungreased cookie sheet.  This is easier if you use two teaspoons, one scoops and the other pushes it onto the pan.  We prefer a small cookie scoop, which looks like an ice cream scoop for people with little appetites.  The cookies are much easier to get on the sheet this way and they come out more uniform.  We also usually line our pan with parchment paper, this makes it easier to clean later on.

-Bake for 10-15 minutes in your 350° oven.

-Let cool slightly, but while still warm dust them with powdered sugar.  You can do this with a spoon, or if you have cleaned your flour sifter that will work as well.


*A note about vanilla.  Not all vanilla is created the same.  The higher quality vanilla that you use the better that your product will taste.  Just be careful with high quality vanilla as it often has a high level of alcohol in it and if you are sensitive to that then stick with the vanilla extract.  As with everything that you eat, check the labels!

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