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Mom and Mrs GrossmansGenerations of customers are learning that our beloved Mrs. Grossmans Sticker rack will no longer be refilled at Standard 5&10 Ace! Sadly, the Petaluma company has stopped their wholesale business already (no Valentines Hearts from our favorite sticker people!) and they’re moving to Utah on a retail-only sales basis. So, good news for you, you can still buy their stickers online – but sad for the 5&10, as one of their oldest customers, we can’t order their stickers for you any longer!

We were included in the KGO News segment on Mrs. Grossmans’ closure January 12, 2022, as well as in the San Francisco Times and California News Times.

For more information about our 42-year history with Mrs. Grossmans, read our Press Release here


Mom Pointy Clip

Michelle Leopold/CMO recommendation video for marketing platform Pointy – video Here

Standard 5&10 in the Retailer Spotlight for new marketing platform Pointy – Article Here
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Little Standard 5 and 10 variety store changes with the times in Carl Nolte/Native Son column, SF Chronicle May 5, read here

Guenther and Jeff Leopold

Father and son Guenther and Jeff Leopold

Business, professional &real estate | At 82, Guenther Leopold is a fixture at his 5-and-10 store – J Weekly August 8, read here

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