Charitable Giving

As a family-run local business, we know that our community matters.

One of the ways that we honor that commitment is to do charitable giving. Here are some of the ways that we have helped this year:

  • Donated dozens of gift cards to local raffles and fundraisers
  • Held non-profit shopping nights, where a portion of our income goes to the non-profit in question
  • Let groups like the Boy Scouts or school groups hold sales in front of our stores
  • Lent out our popcorn machine, with popcorn, free of charge to local organizations (Sadly, the popcorn machine is currently too pooped to pop)
  • Sponsored local athletic teams (from tiny-tots all the way up to the Pacifics in Marin)
  • Offered a variety of coupons and special offers which are ideal additions to event attendee goodie bags
  • Periodically done roundups for non-profits such as UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital/CMN, The Red Cross especially after disasters (most recently, Maui in 2023) and annually in October for local Breast Cancer Awareness organizations.


If you have a non-profit that you would like to suggest, or if you are on the fundraising committee of a non-profit that could benefit from gift cards, sidewalk sales, or any other item, please email, call or text “Mom” Michelle Leopold and she or her plucky assistant Beulah Vega will get back to you

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