Wine Wand

Do you love wine, but hate headaches?  Would you like to drink red wine and not have your cheeks flush to the same color?  You want the wine wand!  The wine wand has been created to both remove the histamines from your wine and to rapidly aerate it.  In as little as 6 minutes, your wine will be missing the histamine that  gives you headaches and causes face flushing, but will have air added to the wine which will enhance the natural flavor.  How does it work?  We think it’s magic.  However the company says that it is nano-pore resin technology.

You may be wondering if it can work on white wine as well, and the answer is yes!  You can also use it on sparkling varieties such as champagnes, prosecco, and sparkling whites/rose’ wines, however, it may make them lose their effervescents (read bubbles) faster than normal.

Looking for more information about the nan0-magic-technology?  Check out the Wine Wand website here.

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