Beulah’s Grilled Peaches

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Ok, we admit this recipe is cheating because it’s more about what you put on the peaches than how to cook them.  But hey, it’s a great customizable desert that you can do on the grill! Also, this recipe comes from Beulah (one of our marketing gurus) and with a good southern name like Beulah you have to be able to make some good southern food (even if you are from the Bay Area).






Serves 8-12


4-6 Peaches. They need to be ripe but still firm*

Olive oil

Optional toppings:

Local honey♦Homemade whipped cream*♦French vanilla ice cream♦Bourbon w/fresh mint leaves♦Granola♦Raw sugar

Cooking implements:

Sharp paring knife

Cutting board

A grill (we use a Weber Spirit, but any grill that has open flame will work)

BBQ spatula (you want one that the shovel part is wide enough for the whole peach half to fit on)

silicone basting brush for olive oil

Optional implements:

Honey drizzler♦Kitchenaid stand mixer♦ice cream scoop♦jigger



-Pre-heat your grill to around 375º

-Cut your peaches in half and take the peach pits out.

-Brush an even layer of olive oil over the meaty part of the peach

-Put meat side down directly on the grill

-Let grill about 3 minutes, you want them with good grill marks

-Carefully one at a time using your spatula flip each side over. Be careful they might stick a little, it’s why you wanted a broad spatula

-Let cook another 2-3 minutes, you want them soft but not mushy.

-Take off the grill and serve immediately while still warm.

Topping Instructions:

Okay, here is what the girl with the southern name recommends, immediately drizzle the peach half with a jigger of bourbon, fill in the middle with homemade whipped cream and top with a fresh mint leaf.

If you want a less boozy, but still sophisticated way to enjoy these try immediately drizzling the peaches with local raw honey and top with your favorite granola.

If you want kids to eat this (or you know, us) try this sweeter version as soon as the peaches come off the grill immediately fill the middle with a scoop of french vanilla ice cream top with chopped peanuts and a little chocolate syrup.


There you have it, one simple dish made three different ways, so you can make it for every BBQ party this year.  Plus it’s really versatile, add your own toppings and feel free to add your name to the recipe when you share it we are sure that Beulah won’t mind

*Choosing ripe peaches- Okay, when you are at the store/farmers market press gently on the part of the peach beside where the stem used to be.  If it gives a little it is ripe and ready to go. If it doesn’t give at all, it’s not ripe yet. If it gives like when you press your finger into the fatty part of your arm, it is overripe. Don’t use overripe peaches to grill with, but if you have them they make great peach cobbler.

*Homemade Whipped Cream (aka a bonus recipe)- Look, if you read all the way to here you are about to learn our secret to homemade whipping cream here it is:

Rubbermaid stand mixers

The true secret to amazing homemade whipped cream

Yep, it’s a stand mixer. Whipping cream takes a lot of whipping by hand, and frankly, it hurts. The mixer does all the work for you so you just get to enjoy the homemade whipped cream. The caveat to this is that if you don’t pay attention to it you will end up making sweet vanilla butter.

So here is what you need: 2 cups heavy cream chilled, a half-teaspoon of real vanilla, 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar(a fine sieve to sift the sugar)

That’s it. put your cream in the bowl, turn on the mixer, slowly sift in your sugar, add your vanilla. Let it mix until soft peaks form and hold their shape. Then put it in a bowl, cover and refrigerate for up to two hours, or serve it right away.



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