Eradicate those mosquitoes with Spartan.

spartan mos elim It’s Mosquito season in the Bay Area and as such, it’s time for our yearly ritual of dumping over all buckets, and barrels; lighting citronella,  getting out the bug zappers, and then sitting inside our enclosed sun-rooms swearing because there are still mosquitoes out there! But what if there was an easier way?  Enter the Spartan Mosquito Eradicator.  Developed in Mississipi where they know mosquitoes, this easy to use product, does not deter mosquitoes like citronella, and it does not indiscriminately kill all flying insects like the bug zappers (hey, we ❤ all insects, unless they eat our tomatoes or give us the plague).

Is it hard to use?

This product is easy to prepare and install. You just fill it to the line with water, shake it, and hang it up. Really that’s it.  It is important to hang it up away from your main seating area, To hang them at specific distances from each other, and if you hang it in the shade the water will evaporate slower.

How does it work?

Essentially it tricks the adult female mosquitoes (aka the obnoxious, Zika-carrying, biting ones) into thinking that it is you. It does this by giving off a specific scent that makes the mosquitoes feed on it. The mosquito once fed will die and not be able to lay her eggs.  According to the website (here), it can decrease the population by up to 95% percent for up to 90 days!

How many will I need?

One box will cover one acre as long as you place them correctly (don’t worry they come with instructions on where to put them).  However, if you already have an infestation of West-Nile incubating blood-suckers (have we mentioned we really hate mosquitoes?) then you will want to double up and use two boxes per acre to help cut the heavier population.

No chemicals, smoke, or hard work?

No. This really is the product we have been waiting for.  It’s safe around pets, kids, your uncle Rusty who thinks it’s funny to disregard warning labels, everyone really. And like we said, it’s super easy to install.  Don’t just take our word for it, stop by and pick up your first box. We know that like us (yes, we even use this in our backyard) you will be satisfied with getting back to the good life of outdoor living, and avoiding your uncle Rusty.

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